RV Accidents

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Many adults find that RVs provide a lot of flexibility. Instead of being committed to hotel in a specific location, RV owners have the freedom to explore the open road and camp in the great outdoors without having to pack a tent. Dr. Richard Curtin, an RV industry analyst at the University of Michigan, found that RV-owning households have steadily increased. Whether you use your recreational vehicle for regional family vacations or to travel the country for you hobby, RVs are becoming increasingly popular among Americans.

Due to the big difference in size, driving an RV is very different than driving a regular car. The large blind spots, extra braking distance, and restricted maneuverability make it tough for many drivers to adapt to driving an RV. These dangers increase when an inexperienced driver takes a turn in the driver’s seat and can lead to a serious collision.

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Inexperience Can Cause Many Serious RV Accidents in Georgia

The major cause of many RV accidents is inexperience. The law does not require drivers to take any special training to operate an RV. Drivers must be at least 21, but operating such a large and unfamiliar vehicle can be challenging.

Also, many senior citizens invest in RVs when they retire to explore the country. One in ten RV drivers are senior citizens. Older drivers typically have restricted mobility and slower reaction times along with a number of other driving factors, which can lead to RV accidents.

Other Common Causes of RV Accidents

Other causes of RV accidents include many drivers being used to driving sedans or smaller vehicles that do not have as large of blind spots as RVs. Furthermore, the sheer size and mass of an RV requires a driver to adapt his or her driving style to accommodate the additional weight. Drivers must slowly accelerate and carefully moderate speed. They will also need to brake sooner when approaching a vehicle to safely slow down.

A big danger for new RV drivers is accommodating their vehicle for off-tracking and rear overhang. The rear tires of a vehicle follow the front tires when driving in a straight line. However, turning causes the rear wheels to no longer follow this trajectory as they start to off track. During the turns, the rear overhang pivots over the drive axle in the opposite direction. Many RV drivers get into dangerous situations when they turn, including rollovers or collisions.

Another huge factor in collisions is the improper loading of cargo. It is paramount that drivers properly balance their loads and avoid overloading an RV. Every additional pound affects your control over your RV.

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